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CODICE: 40017
Lubrificante Bici

This product prevents the accumulation of mud on bicycles and motorcycles. It protects bicycles and motorcycles from the adherence of mud to its frame and moving parts, thus preventing malfunctions and breakages. Apply a light veil of the product after having prepared and lubed up the frame, including the chain, for the race, with particular care not to treat the discs and brake callipers in order to ensure functionality. Work well for the polishing of bodywork and carbon frames, anodised or painted aluminium or other materials. It is also great for the perfect finish of plastic surfaces. This product helps to keep surfaces shiny for long periods of time. Works well on bicycle frames, motorcycles, go-karts, snowmobiles, jet skis, etc. Ensures particular shine to treated surfaces and an impeccably pleasant appearance. Spray the product on a clean, preferably wool, cloth and pass it over the body of the bike or motorcycle.


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