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CODE: 40002

Specific product for cleaning and descaling of parts, brake segments, brake shoes, brake drums, brake pads, calipers, cylinders, springs. Grease remover for brakes and clutches. For cleaning disc brakes, drum brakes and clutches. Allows a good fat removal even in areas surrounding the braking system. Acts in seconds without the need to rinse. Penetrates through all dirt fouling, oily residues, and fat oxidation. Dries quickly removing all traces of grease, tar, oil and fouling in General. There is no need to dismantle the parties, does not corrode the metal parts treated, leaves no residue. Caution: do not use on rubber, plastics or painted surfaces. Quickly cleans brake discs, crowns, pinions, chains etc.

QUICK BRAKE is indispensable both on the race for the convenience and ease of use that spray in the interventions in the workshop for the speed, precision and effectiveness with which it carries out the better cleaning of the treated pieces.


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